About Us

Maryland Energy Pros is devoted to making your home as comfortable and as energy efficient as possible. Using the latest in building science, and weatherization techniques, we can not only discern where you are losing energy with our BGE Comprehensive Energy Audit, we can provide a solution to potentially save you hundreds each year.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We will provide a comprehensive audit of your home’s energy use, and suggest the most effective fixes to make your home as energy effiecent, and comfortable as possible.

A One-Stop Shop

We don’t stop at the audit, we can also then come in and provide the fix. Ask us about weatherization, duct sealing, or about new windows or doors. We can do it all!

Free Consultation

Well, almost free. The home energy audit only costs $100, since BGE subsidises the other $300 to make the audit as affordable as possible. And we give you nearly $100 in free LED bulbs, water saving devices, and other cost saving measures.

We are Available 24/7!

Quality you can trust, services you can depend on!

Call Us Anytime: 301.821.5373